Keep Your Bills Under Control

Blink Bills (coming soon) is the go-to solution for your bills and payments. Receive, pay and store them without any hassle or delay.

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Delivered straight to your online banking app

Blink Bills merges your bills with your online banking, so you can take care of them from one location. You’ll save time and money by easily managing all of your day to day bills.

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Take charge of every payment

Take control of your payments and remove the stress. Whether you need to pay utility bills, insurance premiums, household rates or any other type of bill, we have you covered with the newest innovations in payments.

How to pay with Blink Bills

Via your billers website
1. Choose BlinkPay

Go to your Billers’s website or app and select to make payment with BlinkPay.

2. Select your bank

Choose the bank you wish to pay from and enter additional details the bank will need to identify you.

3. Confirm & Done!

You’ll be redirected to your online banking (mobile or browser) to approve a one off or recurring payment. Then, you’re done!

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One off payments or Autopay
One off Payments

You can make one off payments for any types of goods or services straight from your bank account.


You can set up Autopay to allow billers such as utilities to debit your bank account with the required amount on each due date.

Complete Control

Both one off and Autopay payments are managed from your online banking giving you complete control over your payments.

How to Receive Bills

Via your online banking app
1. Add your biller

Log in to your banking app, select BlinkPay from the menu and “Add a New Biller”.

2. Verify your account

Enter simple details, such as the email address you provided to your biller, so we can verify your account.

3. Accept and done

You’ll receive an email or text message from your biller or BlinkPay asking you to approve the connection. Confirm and that's it. Quick, simple and secure!

Paying bills in your banking app
View and pay bills

The Blink Bills dashboard gives you an up to date summary of all your bills sorted by due date.

View bills

Each card gives you an up to date view of each account with your selected billers. You can also access detailed bill information.

Pay on time

Press the “Pay” button on the biller card to make a one off payment or set up Autopay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We can answer them for you.

Paying with BlinkPay

How do I pay with Blink PayNow?

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Select Blink PayNow as your payment method with your merchant. Blink PayNow will be displayed as a payment method by businesses that support it. Simply select it as your preferred method and follow the steps to make payments directly from your bank account.

Is BlinkPay safe?

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BlinkPay uses NZ best in industry technology. BlinkPay utilises the new New Zealand Open Banking standardised APIs and is a registered user with Payments NZ. This means payments are made using secure and approved technologies. We take your security seriously, and we have been independently certified with the internationally recognised ISO27001 standard for Information Security Management.

Is BlinkPay approved by my bank?

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BlinkPay has bilateral agreements signed with every bank that we feature in our payment gateway, which grants access to BlinkPay to enable customer payments.

Is there a cost when I use BlinkPay?

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BlinkPay does not charge customers directly. There is no cost imposed by BlinkPay on customers for the use of the Blink PayNow service.

What is Blink AutoPay?

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Blink AutoPay (coming soon) puts your mind at ease. Blink AutoPay enables you to make automated, recurring payments directly from your bank account. Once you have approved it, an AutoPay arrangement will continue until you or your biller cancel it.

Can I cancel Blink AutoPay?

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Yes, you can cancel AutoPay through your online banking. Cancellation can be done at any time.

Receive bills with Blink Bills (coming soon)

How do I receive bills in my banking app?

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You need to set up Blink Bills with your bank to start receiving bills. Locate the BlinkPay or View Bills section in your online banking app and follow the steps to set it up. You will only need to do this once and you will need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Once I've set up Blink Bills, how do I add my billers?

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Select Add Biller and follow the steps. From the BlinkPay section in your online banking, select Add Biller and follow the registration steps. You will be asked to enter information that enables us to verify the correct biller account for you.
If your biller is not available for selection in your banking app, you may consider contacting your biller to request that they make the BlinkPay service available.

Why did I get an email from BlinkPay?

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BlinkPay sends emails on behalf of your biller to verify your account. BlinkPay needs to verify that you are entitled to receive information from a specific biller’s accounts. It does this by matching and verifying data you enter during the registration process with information held by your biller. The process is completed when you confirm the terms and conditions via email.

What sort of Bill information can I see?

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You can view a card summary or detailed bill information. You can view a high level summary of your biller account at any time on your bills dashboard within your online banking. In addition, by clicking on the card, you can drill down and see additional information which may include:

- The total bill amount
- A summary of goods & services
- Summary of applicable charges
- The full bill from your biller
- Other bill information your biller makes available to you

How does BlinkPay access my bills?

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BlinkPay contracts directly with billers. BlinkPay has contractually agreed to provide services to your biller to make your bill information available to you more easily through your online banking. This is only available if you have consented to receiving your bills into your online banking.

Can I pay my bills in my banking app?

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Yes, you can make one-off payments or scheduled payments from your online banking. When you add billers via BlinkPay, you can immediately start making payments via your online banking service. This can be done in the form of a simple one off payment or you can schedule a payment for the due date.

What if I need to query my bill?

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If something is wrong with your bill, then contact your biller. BlinkPay only shares your billing data with you directly from your biller. Any queries that relate to the goods or services you receive from that biller should be taken up directly with them.

Is there a cost when I receive my bills?

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Receiving bills is free for consumers. Connecting and receiving bills in your online banking with supported banks and billers is free to customers.

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