Get paid using BlinkPay & Xero

Get your Xero invoices paid quickly with Blink PayNow, and at a cost that is typically lower than card payments.

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Fees are typically lower than card payments

Our standard fee is 0.95% per successful transaction, capped at $3.00 NZD. So if you are looking for an alternative to expensive card payments, you've found one!

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Payment details are pre-populated

Our tech pre-populates the payment details when the customer initiates the payment, ensuring that there are no payment errors due to human-error. And because the payments are made directly from a customer's bank account, there are no dishonoured payments due to insufficient funds. It also means that there are no failed payments due to cancelled/expired cards.


No technical skills required

Connecting the Blink PayNow service with your Xero account is really easy and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Approved merchants can set themselves up in minutes.

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Invoices are marked as 'paid' in real-time

All payments are automatically matched to the right invoice and marked as 'paid' in real-time, making reconciliation super-easy. Unfortunately, the settlement process between the banks isn't as quick as our tech, and so funds may take up to two hours to appear in your account on business days (although it can happen in near real-time if your customer banks with the same bank as your business).

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