About Us
About Us

BlinkPay was established to solve a seemingly simple problem. Why is it so difficult to track your personal bill payments when everything is so easily available online? The difficulty of course comes about because not everything is stored in a single place and requires logging onto multiple websites, searching emails or ensuring you keep track of the bills that have been physically posted to you. With this in mind, BlinkPay set about solving the problem.

That solution was to establish a service that allows you to view and store all of your bills in the same place as well as being able to pay those bills at the appropriate time. With the improvements in online technology and the significant use of online banking by New Zealanders in recent time, the idea to provide this service from with the banking system was born. Allowing bill payers to view and pay their bills from within online banking platforms also solved one other obvious problem and that was, the natural inclination to want to know how much money you had available before you proceeded to pay those bills.

To bring this great idea to life we put in place a great team, with a wealth of experience in building and delivering software and payment solutions both domestically and internationally.

Today BlinkPay offers fast, secure and convenient bill payments through New Zealand's leading financial institutions including the major banks.

New Zealanders can now enjoy the convenience of paying their bills with BlinkPay.

Why We're Different

Blink Pay offers an outsourced, innovative, independent platform that links the biller, biller's bank, customer and customer's bank.

Blink Pay is a cost effective solution that requires minimum integration from Billers to enable bill delivery. It addition, because it offers its services through the banking channel, it has an embedded payment mechanism.

Blink Pays platform is state-of-the-art, scalable, fully supported and subject to independent peer review. Blink Pay's goal is to continue to deliver further innovative digital payment and receipt systems.

Empower Your Customers Now
BlinkPay enhances your customers experience and empowers their financial management.