Structured with Security in Mind
Customer Access

The BlinkPay solution processes invoicing information you send us to participating financial institutions. From within the financial institutions secure environment, customers can then view and this information. As such, you can be confident that their information is protected within the safety of bank level security.

Strategic Security

BlinkPay operates fast, cloud-based high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure based on the latest standards, in line with our security policies

Security Partners

BlinkPay is your security partner and processes data to comprehensive standards of Good Industry Practice, while ensuing we meet our data processing obligations

Payment Security

As part of the BlinkPay service offering, you will also have a separate and direct agreement with financial institutions offering BlinkPay payments. This is because all payments made by your customers to you occur via their financial institutions secure environment.

We Are Never Done

Your customers will always know what is due and when, helping to ensure that they never miss a payment.

Providing your customers with the ability to view both their bank accounts and bills in one centralised online location provides a seamless integrated process to improve their financial management.

Because BlinkPay payments are received from your customers bank, billers will always receive cleared funds eliminating dishonors and delays.

Empower Your Customers Now
BlinkPay enhances your customers experience and empowers their financial management.