E-Bill Presentment Reduces Costs But Increases Cash Flow
Billing electronically is much cheaper than traditional post but unlike other forms of e-billing such as email and, sending your bills to a customers banking platform means they are viewed on an almost daily basis given the regularity customers access their online banking.The increased visibility and proximity of your bills to your customers bank means invoice turnover can be maximised like never before
Peace of Mind

Your customers will always know what is due and when, helping to ensure that they never miss a payment.

One View

Providing your customers with the ability to view both their bank accounts and bills in one centralised online location provides a seamless integrated process to improve their financial management.

Improved Cash Flow

Because BlinkPay payments are received from your customers bank, billers will always receive cleared funds eliminating dishonors and delays.

Improved Customer Relationships

BlinkPay enables you to embed links in your invoices sent, opening a communication channel and potential marketing "gateway" between you and your customers.

Comprehensive Security & Support

Comprehensive security and support for billers including secure data transmission and registration criteria determined by you. Registration and inquiry support for billers and their customers is also available.

Convenience &

Your customers can choose when to pay (now or scheduled payment), how to pay (choice of account) and how much to pay. They have full control over their payments eliminating issues that can arise with direct debits.

Empower Your Customers Now
BlinkPay enhances your customers experience and empowers their financial management.