BlinkPay Sign Up Terms

On behalf of my business, I acknowledge, confirm and warrant that:

  1. I am authorised to agree to these terms.
  2. My business will be provided with access to information that is confidential to and owned by Blink Pay NZ Ltd and its associated companies ("Blink Group").
  3. My business will protect Blink Group’s confidential information, use it only for purposes approved by Blink Group and no one from my business will share this confidential information with any other person without obtaining the prior written approval of Blink Group.
  4. The information provided to my business contains or may comprise intellectual property that is owned by Blink Group (including, without limitation, the Blink Group's APIs, developer portal, user acceptance testing environments ("sandbox"), developer materials, related legal agreements and various guides and guidelines and associated knowhow, processes, approaches and materials).
  5. No one from my business will use any part of this intellectual property in any way (either alone or in any combination with any intellectual property or other asset of any person) that has not been approved on a prior written basis by Blink Group.

I also confirm that Blink Group is entitled to rely on this acknowledgement, confirmation and warranty in providing my business with any further access to its information.